Begin Again

Listening to Insight Timer presenter Joseph Goldstein recently – I heard him say “simply begin again”.

He was discussing how during mindfulness meditation we inevitably get caught in a flow of associated thoughts. His instruction was to give ourselves a gentle reminder to just return to the breath and begin again when we became aware that we have drifted. Not to struggle with why or to beat ourselves up for losing focus. Just simply begin again.

What I also gleaned from it was to use this phrase to bring myself back to my daily practice when I get distracted from my meditation for several weeks. Busy-ness still takes over my routine along with some jumpy emotions and I appreciate this reminder to just returning when I realize I have lost practice.

Based in Vispassana – I appreciate Joseph’s teaching.

I turn to Insight Timer for some assistance in my meditation practice – a lot. It has many free offerings but I have chosen to subscribe to support such a generous and enlightening meditation tool. Along with Joseph I have found several other great teachers to help my practice grow.

Peace ⭐️


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