Practicing with Assistance

Not much writing happening of late – on my part. I have been working to maintain my practice and my centre. The Covid and ensuing Social Situations have made me unsettled – to say the least.

I have been sitting with my Scottsdale Sangha via Zoom weekly. I am also very grateful to the many teachers on The Insight Timer App who I connect with pretty much daily.

Lately I have spent a few hours at a time working through a series of these meditations and guided visualization. I am working to strengthen my core spirit and ground so I can engage with the world from clarity of mind and soul.

In case you’d like to sink into a few hours of this kind of meditation. I made a playlist of one of my own sessions to share with you. You can find it on my Insight Timer Site. Access to basic Insight Timer is free.

🌸 May you have Peace, May you be Safe.


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