Epigenetics, Mindfulness

MTHFR and the Mindfulness Gene

This COVID! I was in another 2 week solo quarantine. What to do? I was all over the internet. Not particularly Doom-Scrolling for conspiracy feed more just following link after link to yet another link in my rather bored state.

During the Link Scrolling I came across an article on genetics that tied into the Epigenetics that I referred to two posts back. This article was about a gene variance called MTHFR. The article said if you have versions of this gene all kinds of odd things can happen to you throughout life. The one I twigged to was mood swings. I can get bouts of depression and hyperactivity. Middle ground can get lost.

the path forward

I did a gene analysis by Livewello several years ago. I got it out to see if I have this MTHFR gene and Of course I do! Explains a lot to me. Apparently up to 60% of the population may have it. It frequently lays dormant. Then under environmental or emotional stress it can kick in and cause more emotional charge than most of us need.

I became a Boomer with a Computer for a couple of days. Reading a lot on the MTHFR (Gene name definitely reads like a cuss word). I was concerned that I was damaged goods in spite of it being a common variant.

After a lot of “busy mind time”. I came across an article that basically told how to settle the Variant down. Take a few appropriate supplements but better yet eat a diet rich in veggies, healthy oils, etc… keep drugs and alcohol down to a minimum! Get exercise and of course practice mindfulness.

I think that there are likely few “wrong” DNA codings. Some situations call for certain personality traits and other situations others. The DNA variants add genetic diversity to humanity that might be important at some point and not at others.

I have some strong psychic and healer tendencies – perhaps that ties in with the MTHFR Gene. It is unlikely that connection was researched by the research community. I would have made a good Oracle in a temple in Delphi. Not much call for that in this world.

🥑 Peace


The Covid. Is There something I should be doing?

On The British TV series The Crown a young Queen Elizabeth learns that what she must do most often is – nothing. That waiting for the right moment is what needs to be done and sometimes that moment just does not happen.

The COVID and ensuing crisis have given me a great sense of urgency. I feel I must be alert and at ready. My parasympathetic nervous system has become frayed by this as what I mostly need to do is – nothing.

Busy Brain Churning

Really – I tell myself there is not much to do BUT Be Sage, Be Kind and Be Calm. Still in the swirl of thoughts and emotions I am overly vigilant. I think that ties into my last post on Epigenetics. There is a part of me that was born vigilant and it is pretty certain This COVID means business. This part of my wiring isn’t going to take much downtime right now. What I do is transfer that need to do something to small daily tasks. Everything seems more urgent than it really is.

The other day though, the vigilance just cut out. It stopped and I lay on the spare bed relaxed. In fact oddly relaxed. No racing thoughts, no chatter, No desire to check on the state of affairs. I just lay there in a state of calm. I became more aware that I have been engaged in this over functioning behaviour. It seemed to lessen with the awareness.

Just prior to this in a few of my meditations I had begun to see that part of myself that is deeply wired to watch for threats. Constantly looking for threats – I have very little trust. I think some version of this survival focussed mind has been running since birth.

The Journey

The learning never stops. COVID is the new teacher.

🌸 May you find peace – May you be sage.