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As a child I had a reoccurring dream where I would place my hands on people, and heal their ailments. This went on until I took an energy work class in my late 20’s. At that point I guess I had brought the ability up to my conscious mind and my subconscious let that message go – the dreams stopped. I continue taking healing classes of different kinds as there are many ways to do this. I never took up being a healer formally. I have participated in it for a long time though by occasionally working on myself, friends and family.

I was at an Adam Dreamhealer workshop where he explained he had moved from doing healing to teaching healing because we heal better when we do it ourselves. I gained a lot of insight from Adam’s work. His books have these really useful illustrations, his talks are sensible and full of “how to” information. When I check in on his social media sites I still find his writing and presentations most interesting. He has gone from being the youthful Dreamhealer to mature father and Dr. McLeod – Naturopath as an adult. Busy and evolving – he doesn’t do exactly the same workshops now as I had access to but he is still most interesting.

Through Adam and other classes on healing I began to practice Long Distance Healing akin to Focused Intention and Remote Healing. This is done while away from the person. It entails being in a meditative state where your mind is settled, clear and in alignment with your higher “best” self. You approach the person or your own self with respectful separation (make sure there is agreement that your intentions are appreciated and allowed). Visualize the person or an image of your self at arms length or so away from you.

Ask for permission to send healing light, wait for a reply – just listen to the person first. What comes up? – pay attention and then offer the person your healing energy transmission. I think taking a class in this is important but it is simple to try it on your own to get the idea.

I do more listening than sending than I used to. One of the things that seems to really help is to simply assist the person with grounding to the earth through their base chakra and connect them to their own higher self /star through their crown chakra. Help their own energy to flow and release. Yup – I think maybe a class in Reiki or other healing modality or two is a good thing to do if you are interested in this work.

Peace 🌟