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Clouds – Thoughts – Mind

There is a spectacular drive in British Columbia called The Coquihalla Highway. It climbs an astonishing 1200 m in 47 km ( 3900 feet in 30 miles). Takes about a half hour to drive that from the town of Hope, BC. It is the first really big mountain pass heading east out of Vancouver, BC. As weather comes into it from the Pacific Ocean it gets very complex systems rolling about it’s mountain peaks and fabulous skies to go with that. I have had white knuckle drives across it when it is winter (made famous by the Highway through Hell series). After a winter drive I often swear I will never brave it again but then spring comes.

This past fall I drove it in it’s glory. Blue skies, fresh green trees and big fluffy white clouds greeted me. Babellz Art

I was really taken with the clouds against the blue sky. I drove along thinking about my issues in life – looking at the clouds and trees. Eventually I stopped and got out of the car to really look at the sky and the clouds. They were like big beings floating about. I felt they were very close – just above my head but when I went to take photos of them they seemed far away. A trick of the camera and a trick of the mind. From the perspective of my mind the sky seemed all cloud but from another perspective they were separate and there was a great deal of clear sky.

Like the thoughts of my mind – yup. I first thought of my thoughts as clouds in my early meditation days when I was with Cecile Kwiat. I was reminded of it again by Andy Puddicome in his Headspace App. It is a great way to let go.

I have been using Andy’s Headspace App for a quite a while now. I recommend it to quite a few folks. The first 10 lessons are free and can easily be repeated. Andy is a former Buddhist Monk now Buddhist entrepreneur – a beneficial entrepreneur. His free introductory section reframed my clouds to traffic on a road. That fits lately – cars move faster and beep more than clouds. My mind is pretty chatty.

Whether conceived as clouds, traffic or a river flowing by becoming aware that thoughts are constructs of the mind not absolutes is a relief to me each meditation. It allows non-attachment to develop. So much of what I conceive as urgent JUST isn’t and like clouds, cars and flowing streams will move on at their own pace without my interfering.

Peace 🌟