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Epigenetics and Meditation

Recently I become aware of the field of epigenetics and research that shows that trauma is passed down into DNA from mother to baby and how excessive stress alters the DNA of adults. This gives clues to so many family puzzles.

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My parents were both traumatized in infancy. They developed some pretty complex coping mechanisms for a life that was hard – their coping behaviours impacted myself and my siblings. I think many children of trauma know this multigenerational kind of story. The bible verse Numbers 14:18 references this. The sins of the father are visited upon the children and grandchildren. Perhaps it was not an actual sin though – but a catastrophe like war or famine that began the story. Many people get stuck blaming their parents but those parents were most likely responding to a multigenerational trauma that got handed to them. I have come to understand that my parents were doing the best with what they were given. Sometimes what is given though falls far short of Best Practice!

Compassion with boundaries is what is needed to move forward out of deep family injuries. Boundaries being the key word – one needs to heal the self and then perhaps help the family.

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In the studies on epigenetics what I found most fascinating was that both meditation and yoga can alter the stressed DNA of a person and put it back into a balanced state. A person can heal themselves and move beyond family injury. Spending the time to watch thoughts, allowing them to be and, letting them pass – can alter DNA response! I find that piece of information so amazing and – encouraging.

🌸 Peace.

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Diving in to Spiritual Exploration

I graduated into young adult hood in the 1970’s. Having come from a difficult home life I stumbled around for a decade – youth. I began exploring spiritually in the 1980’s. I discovered The Seth Writings and I was mesmerized. I took my first meditation class (founded in Buddhism) led by now deceased Cecile Kwiat, I took The Silva Method courses and began to use tarot cards. I figured there was a path to enlightenment in these actions although I wasn’t sure what that enlightenment might be! I just was driven to explore. The West Coast was brimming with classes and literature. I dove in.

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Of the many teachings I explored I find the basic meditation class by Cecile the most important. I discovered great information from channeling sources like Seth. The tarot has helped me make decisions/clarify direction and The Siva Method is amazing for training the mind to expand potential. The greatest gains came from Cecile though. Her directions were to sit quietly for 30 minutes a day to watch my breath. Just sit and observe. I laugh as I recall those first few meditations as sitting with my eyes closed, counting my breath, all I was thinking was “All I see is black”! I was very physical and literal then. What the practice did over a long time though was allow me to see that I am separate from my thoughts and That is monumental. I am body, I am mind and I am something more that I call spirit.

I moved a lot in my younger days. I lost touch with Cecile. Her teachings stayed with me as I moved-through life though. I took to counting from 100 down to 1 to not drift off in thoughts. What I noticed was it calmed me considerably. Having grown up in a chaotic home my neural pathways are addicted to drama – the meditation practice settled me down. I returned to it as a means to get clarity over and over. My regret is that I did not commit to daily practice decades before I did.

Peace 🔆